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Sodium Bicarbonate cAMP activator and Testosterone booster

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So after reading an article I decided to try downing some sodium bicarbonate, the studied dose is 300mg/kg. Due to being a new member I can't post the link.
Anyway for 2 days now I've felt much MUCH better in regards to Anhedonia thanks to Sodium Bicarbonate. I have not yet experienced sexual effects but the article describes it as a Testosterone booster aswell. also has a article about Sodium Bicarbonate and it's uses.

Anyone else care to try?? It's a rather large dose, for me it's 28g and the taste is ghastly but I feel so much better now.

If you want the links i've posted them on PSSDforum


Admin / Head Writer
Admin / Head Writer
It seems like a good chemical, but long-term I wouldn't use high-doses, have you tried using it with Caffeine and Butea Superba Extract? Those are PDE inhibitors which would enhance the cAMP from sodium bicarbonate. Seems like that would REALLY do you well. Laughing

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