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AMPA-Glutamate Receptors Facilitate Human Sex Drive but NMDA Receptors Support Sex Hormones.

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Admin / Head Writer
Admin / Head Writer
From Day 1 I've said that Glutamate plays one of the largest roles in human sexual function and definitely in PSSD.

Here I am writing a collection of studies that support this hypothesis.

The idea of PSSD seems greatly compatible with the 'Glutamate-Dysfunction-Hypothesis of PSSD'.

1.) Topiramate in the treatment of compulsive sexual behavior: case report

2.) Natural reward experience alters AMPA and NMDA receptor distribution and function in the nucleus accumbens.

3.) Addiction Circuitry in the Human Brain

4.) Role of nonsynaptic GluN2B-containing NMDA receptors in excitotoxicity: evidence that fluoxetine selectively inhibits these receptors and may have neuroprotective effects.

5.) Genetic and clinical predictors of sexual dysfunction in citalopram-treated depressed patients.

With this being said, there's still a lot of evidence that Dopamine is playing major role, and it probably has most to do with Dopamine facilitation of Glutamate via D1 & D5 Receptors in Human Forebrain [1] and Hypothalamus [2] as well as the Spinal Cord [3] as well as the Dopamine promotion of cyclic AMP / CREBS / Ion cascade [4] [5].

Other Supporting Links :

Arrow Dopamine Activates Noradrenergic Receptors in the Preoptic Area
Arrow Neuroscience of affect: Brain mechanisms of pleasure and displeasure
Arrow Sex on the brain! Associations between sexual activity and cognitive function in older age

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