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All serotonin Receptor and Antagonist

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Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
5-HT2A (a stimulatory serotonin receptor that induces cortisol and prolactin release as well as excitory nerve channels) can be blocked with
the following 5-HT2A antagonists at high potency.

-Nantenine (Nandina Domestica)
-Trazodone *(a sleep aid and anti depressant)
-Mirtazapine *Remeron* (another anti depressant)
-Rauwolscine (a form of yohimbine)

5-HT2C blockers would be
-Puerarin (from Kudzu Root extract; used for hangover and alcohol cravings)

In case you were referring to the TYPE 1 Family (doubtful, because you mentioned C in which family One has no C subtype)
Listing it anyway though.

5-HT1B Blockers
-Wild Jujube Extract

5-HT1A blockers

-Lecozotan (experimental drug used for Alzheimer's and as a cognitive enhancer)
-WAY 100,435 and WAY 100,635 ( R&D chemicals that can be used to treat SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction and posses nootropic effects)

5-HT1D blockers

-Yohimbine (antidepressant effect)
-Some other R&D chems

5-HT3 Blockers (anti nausea)
-Odansetron (zofran)
-Ginger Extract (rhizome)

5-HT4 Blockers

L-Lysine (reduces diarrhea and gut motility)
Chamomile (especially when combined with lysine)

5-HT5A receptor blockers
None currently known that are available, although Valerenic Acid from Valerian root is a partial agonist/mixed antagonist, preferable for autoreceptors and thus increases serotonin via a PKA dependent pathway.

5-HT6 Antagonists (nootropic, cognitive enhancers)

-Magnolia Officinalis

5-HT7 Antagonists (antidepressant effects)

-Some R&D chemicals

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