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CNS Stimulants for PreWorkout Purposes; A Comprehensive Review

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Admin / Head Writer
''Impractical'' is a term often used to Describe CNS-Stimulant usage for workouts..however, I wouldn't utilize that term. They are unfitting for many WorkOut Enthusiasts; mainly because they do not train nor teach 'self-discipline' and also, many people who use them do not evaluate the long-term molecular changes that occur from usage.

  • That includes Nutrient Deficiencies.

Stimulants, depending on the Type & Source; can also be  Addictive...

Arrow  Which leads to the Question as to whether PWO-formula's containing Stimulants do the user any good OTHER THAN lost weight and Temporary boosts in energy.

I believe in Stimulants. I believe they have therapeutic value.. I do NOT believe they should constitute the entirety of our work-out motivation arsenal; they can be an INITIATION to get the Routine going, and a useful 'go-to-Point' for those who have not established learned Discipline - but they should not be Abused for every.single.workout. This is habitual; and prevents True Transformation.

Caffeine has been and always will be used for wakefulness, energy, motivation and such - this isn't such a bad thing.

Caffeine can actually help protect the Heart, extend our lifespan and keep our minds' Sharp. Exclamation

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It's stuff like Geranamine, Ephedrine/Ephedra and Phenylephrine that concerns me.


Phenylephrine is found in nasal decongestants like SudaFed and produces changes in the Brain; relevant to oxygen-flow and capacity - that mimic the mental construction of Violent Criminals and murderous individuals (specifically alpha-1-adrenoreceptor agonism). Additionally,  Too much adrenaline-like agonism or adrenaline-Activity at the alpha-1-receptor can lead to unfavorable changes in blood pressure (drastic increases, especially over time) and heart function (problems with pulse / heart rate and with the A,V Bundle and impulse coordination)

Read this comprehensive overview for more information on the Psychological aspect of Alpha-acting Stimulant abuse.

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