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Psychological Traits Associated with Low Histamine Levels (Low Histamine Personality Traits/Symptoms)

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Admin / Head Writer

Psychological Traits Associated with Low Histamine Levels (Low Histamine Personality Traits/Symptoms)

The last article has been replicated and cleaned a bit, since it looked really bad on the Web version - let's face it. Our template was off back then. But we got it done now.

This article is not the full article, its just the summary of low histamine personality traits / psychological signs of low histamine .

This article is, like others, based on Pfeiffer, Larson and Trudaeu's work.
It also has mostly to do with the NIH - National Institute of Health, and their many, many studies that examine the same features. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) now recognizes the significance of histamine in determining Psychological traits and behavior [1] [2] [3].

Psychological Signs of Low Histamine
Apathy; lack of emotion, indifference.
Mania; BiPolar type disorder.
Disorganization and Cluttered Living Space.
Odd bouts of Hostility; often under duress or based off of a delusion.
Persistent Anger and Irritability.
Pathological Dissociation.
Grand Ideas; but low Energy to carry them out.
High-degree of Paranoia, including especially around Family members and even close associates.
Despair and Anhedonia.

For long-term relief of low histamine levels, it is suggested one should.
Increase Protein intake remarkably. Eat more Chicken, Tuna and other histamine boosting foods.
Supplement with Vitamin B3 (Niacin) [!], Acetyl-L-Carnitine [!], and Zinc (50 mg per night, for first three nights, then 25 mg every night thereafter) [!].
Do exercise, walk daily, walking/running stimulates histamine production.
Supplement with MANGANESE (not Magnesium) [!], this helps remove excess Copper from the body that would otherwise degrade the histamine.
Supplement with Kutaja extract, a well-known natural histamine H3-blocker; which causes increase in histamine by blocking autoreceptors that dictate histamine release [!] |!| {!}. Read more about the Herb's general medicinal properties here : Holarrhena Antidysenterica (Pubescens) – Kurchi (Kutaj) and read this one about its safety.
Supplement with Ester-C or Vitamin C for the first few days along with the high-dose Zinc (50 mg), you may feel like 'crap those first few days because there is an initial lowering of histamine, but then Zinc/Vitamin C will cause Copper excretion and boost the histamine level. STOP TAKING VITAMIN C AFTER THE THIRD-DAY OF THIS REGIMEN. This is where other histamine-boosting regimens have failed, they keep taking Vitamin C in high amounts (mistakenly) and never allow histamine to make a come-back.
Supplement with BCAA's daily, which lower serotonin production, serotonin is in negative-control of histamine release, therefore, sufficiently reducing serotonin can be enough to raise histamine permanently. [!] [!!] [!!!]
Supplement with L-Histidine, the amino acid that turns into Histamine.
Lastly, increase histamine levels by eliminating excess carbohydrates from the Diet, which shift Insulin levels into the 'wrong' direction, thereby causing a reduction in histamine stimulated by prostaglandin [!].

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