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What level of treatment

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1What level of treatment Empty What level of treatment on Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:59 pm


Hey everyone

let me just start by saying fuck pssd

it really drains you of your life

Anyway, I wanted to ask about levels of treatment. How extreme, powerful to go in order to actually work.
In my case, I cant get a hormone test for while due to insurance and garbage doctors. But im pretty sure i have low t. it really messes with a 19 yr old kid.

I had two tests done when my pssd started, with 588 at the start with 16.2 prolactin, and 410  4 months later. im at a point where viagra works in combo with a lot of other vitamin supplements + wellbutrin. Feel like the wellbutrin does a little for libido so i was told to stay on by dr. But im totally dead when i dont take it with viagra. No morning wood at all, only when extremely sleep deprived. I feel I show other low t symptoms.

My question is - do i try to treat with hormones, dht gel, andractim, or other test prescriptions? or do i try to reverse lowered t with other antidepressants?

Rn thinking of  going through trazodone, yohimbine, shilajit, cabergoline ,requip and knocking them off one by one. Also thinking of trying a 5ht1a and a 5ht2a together to antagonize it and reverse messed up prolactin?

Sorry for long post. This stuff is really complex the more I understand.

2What level of treatment Empty Re: What level of treatment on Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:11 am


Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
Take it easy. This post reminded me of LostSoul on pssdforum. There are people who afraid to do anything. You're obviously not, but what you listed has serious effects. So my opinion from what I know is
1) Trazodone gains bad reputation in pssd community (look in google trazodone).
2) Dht gel - I don't know, just read about one accutane sufferer on hackstasis
3) Dopamine agonists - read Jay's insights
4) Your ht1a and ht2a are likely already desensitized|downregulated. Research shows it quite well. Moreover ht2a enhances dopamine signalling. It is not bad for cAMP|cGMP too.
5) Shilajit is anti-serotonin theoretically. But I don't know how. But worth trying patiently.

Your test is rather low. I had 450 after short DHEA and niacin. This period my DHEA became quite low, but some months later came ok. I heard of high DHEA in some people here. Accutane sufferers usually have more problems with testosterone than we do. Prolactin is just like mine was. Better test progesterone, bilirubin, IGF-1, LH, FSH, SHBG. These will tell more truth than simple testotests.

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Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
Check your thyroid too. Can be very important.

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