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L-histidine temporary recovery

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1L-histidine temporary recovery Empty L-histidine temporary recovery on Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:24 pm


Hello everyone,

Sorry for my english and my long post ...

I am 37 years old and I have been pssd for 10 years of escitalopram.
Before escitalopram I had a very strong libido and never an erectile dysfunction.
I took this for 3 months and after I stopped (because of loss of erections) i got :
- low libido (every time I have a got sex I have to wait a month to start having a slight desire to have sex)
- soft ercetions (60% of my pre-pssd)
- soft gland
- very weak ejaculation
- loss of strength when I exercise
- Anhedonia (no rush of music or alcohol)
- penis shrinkage

my test labs are almost normal:
- testosterone (total and free) low range but standards
- estradiol high rank but in the standards
x progesterone is very low
- tsh t3 t4: ok but tsh a little high (2.95) according to a doctor
- Vitamin D deficiency
- Vitamin B9 deficiency

I have tried so many thing against pssd but nothing works and i also noticed that i was very sensitive to some supplement:

- cialis daily: very slight improvement in erection (maybe 75% of my pre-pssd)
- HCG + arimidex: nothing
- testogel: nothing
- Buspar: nothing
- low dose of naltrexone: worse
- low dose ssri: worse
- progesterone: crisis of tachicardia
- inositol: nothing
- tyrosine: nothing
- loratadine + cialis: nothing more with cialis
- Maca: nothing
- euthyral (medial thyroid): worse
- deprenyl: worse and intense tiredness
- sam-e: worse
- vitamin b9: worse
- vitamin d: systematic erectile dysfunction on that
- omega 3: systematic erectile dysfunction on that
- magnesium: systematic erectile dysfunction on that

+ others supplements but too much to list everything.
I have so many things that I honestly start to ask me if pssd is the cause because nothing works.

the next drugs I want to try are:
9-mbc but I can not find where to buy it
doxazosin + cialis

Recently I read about about l-histidine that I tried.

It's the only thing that has worked for 10 years!
my erections have returned to 95% and maybe 98% when stack with cialis. My ejaculations came back very hard and my penis was bigger even at rest.
But it lasted a few days and histidine does not work anymore (moreover I feel that it makes me lose hair).
I saw a similar case and I tried to add:
- zinc
- copper
- cysteine
- Potasium
- vitamin b9

But it does not work anymore!

Do you have an idea about it?

I also saw an anti-aging doctor. He checked, deficiencies, intolerances, complete hormonal panel and neuromediators. I have a dopamine deficiency and low serotonin too! But I do not know if urine tests are reliable ...

Something else, my SOD, glutathione, S-DHEA and pregnenolone levels exceed the maximum range of my testosterone bio-available range but is low in the range. I also have a very weak progesterone.

I do not know what to try. Do you you have any ideas?

2L-histidine temporary recovery Empty Re: L-histidine temporary recovery on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:08 am


Admin / Head Writer
Admin / Head Writer
Hi Lostdrive, very sorry to hear of your ordeal and yet another (unfortunately) case of PSSD.
Your success  with L-Histidine points to two possible options.
1.) You have (quite obviously) a low histamine level.
2.) The benefit "gained" by L-Histidine, was coming from the enhanced cyclic-AMP (cAMP) levels from Histamine H2-receptors - which are the "erection-promoting" receptor for histamine in corpus caversonum smooth muscle.


...I'm going to go ahead and ask the obvious question here.

Why didn't you simply try Cialis + L-Histidine .
It seems like that may work.
L-Histidine is boosting your cAMP level, this causes vasodilation and improved energy utilization.
The Cialis /b] would remarkably enhance all that - and for 24 hours no less!
Take it DAILY - at least at 10-20 mg!

Also...add in Butea Superba Extract - its a cAMP-specific PDE-inhibitor which can block the breakdown of second messengers like cAMP.
Moreover, it causes increases, possibly even EXCESS in some cases, of Androgens; including Testosterone.

That way with Butea
+ L-Histidine you are guaranteeing the rise in cAMP and sustained levels of it.
With Cialis you are guaranteeing increased cGMP; also important for Erection.
If these all fail (doubtful), then you can add in a final two ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba Extract; 120mg x3 per day for a week - followed by a "maintenance dose" of 120 mg of GB x 2 per day, morning and Evening!
...Then Forskolin , Barlowe's Forskolin works Perfectly for this!
You can take his supplement at 1 capsule in the Morning and one in the Evening.

I think...
--> You have low intracellular cAMP. (common in PSSD sufferers)
--> Probably low Nitric Oxide levels.
--> Penile smooth cell degradation (keep taking Cialis to help reverse/prevent further damage!).
--> Rho-Kinase (ROCK II) is probably upregulated through the roof, due to years  of too much serotonin.
---> Too much serotonin and too little histamine and Dopamine.
---> You probably have Parasympathetic Nervous Syystem dysfunction...either high or low Acetycholine, with a higher probability of being low.

You may also have abnormalities in GABA, and histamine helps reduce excessive  GABA, GABA can inhibit Dopamine and other "good stuff" in high mentioned in the following article.

--> [/b]

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