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The CURE For PSSD (Post-SSRI-Sexual-Dysfunction) 2018! (We have the CURE, Support it 'Here!)

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Admin / Head Writer
Admin / Head Writer

We demonstrated (last week) that a few Members who HAVE /HAD PSSD were able to CURE their PSSD with various substances like Pramipexole [1], Ella [2] and Amphetamine [3]. Unfortunately, this is hardly a Universal ONLY works for *some*.

We need something more Broad - something that works on the Multiple-Pathways affected by PSSD.

Read PSSD-Causes/Etiology/Research Here! [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3]
Read Ghost (PSSD-Admin) Research Portal on PSSD Causes & Trials.
Read This-Study on PSSD sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH).
This is the Recently Submitted (Made-Public) "Citizen Petition" that is followed by a Psychiatrist (Doctor) named Dr. David Healy.
We have made MUCH head-way in Recent-Years, Angry, Upset, even EMOTIONALLY NUMB Men AND Women suffering from PSSD made an Active Stride and Aggressive Call for the Condition to be Recognized, and Addressed. and its MANY Members as well as Dr.David Healy and some 'behind-the-scenes' People have played a Role in making this a sort-of Activist-Spurred Movement.
The Solution I've proposed is an *Exclusive* Combination of Substances; that ONCE-WE-REACH 5,000$ in Campaign-Donations. We will be able to release this Substance to the General Public.

This will be CATERED/SOLD ONLY-TO those with "Verified PSSD", meaning you MUST be a Member of PSSD-Forum.

Due to the Scarcity of the Substances used in this Formula - and their Expensiveness - it is CRUCIAL that you ALL we can meet the Demand/Requirements to Custom Synthesis the Necessary Components.

Although I CAN-NOT name the Formula's Ingredients, I CAN Give the Studies it is based off-of - which (INDIRECTLY) names the Ingredients/Ingredient-Types.
Doxazosin and serotonin (5-HT) receptor (1A, 2A, and 4) antagonists inhibit 5-HT-mediated human cavernosal contraction.
A Review of the Pathophysiology and Novel Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile properties of the Rho-kinase inhibitor SAR407899 in diabetic animals and human isolated corpora cavernosa.
Thus, the 'CURE' to such a Condition will be Comprised of the Following...

A serotonin antagonist with Dopamine-Reuptake Inhibiting Properties.
A second Serotonin-Antagonist with 5-HT4-selectivity.
A rho-kinase inhibitor.
A small dose of Yohimbine (5mg).
A lesser' known 'hidden' Ingredient (unnamed) that Rejuvenates nerve/cellular Health & COMPLETELY Regenerates ALL NERVE-FUNCTION.

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Posted by JayZin De'Russo at 12:45 PM
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What were the results of this? Did it ever come out?

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