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Help me upregulate the 5-HT2C in order to fix HPA-Axis

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What can I do? This receptor downregulates to both agonism and antagonism, so there is not much I'm able to do. Is there any method I can apply at home? It would be better if it's applicable at home, because as we don't have permission to import any chemical or nutrition, I must have access to the what needed in the cure regimen.


Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
I saw some of your posts on HS, but maybe I was inpatient, could you explain your main idea why ht3c is useful or key itself?


Especially read my last post on the link above.

I believe 2C is the culprit because it massively affects hpa-axis.
And I believe (if that's what induces TDO), loss of hpa-axis activation caused tryptophan to be not breaked down by the enzyme TDO. Too much tryptophan, too much serotonin, and maybe kynurenines?

Also, do you remember I react poorly to watermelon and garlic?

"Haidut: Tryptophan depletion will not only lower serotonin, it will also lower levels or arginine, citrulline and their final product NO, which as we know is neurotoxic. I will post a separate study on the pro-aging effects of NO but some of serotonin's dangers seem to be related to its ability to stimulate the generation of NO."

(My post)"Terma: I can tell you from memory watermelon contains citrulline (NO precursor):
Influence of L-citrulline and watermelon supplementation on vascular function and exercise performance. - PubMed - NCBI"


Also, kpavel, I feel really bad. That hopelessnes was never been that bad. I feel like there is really no answer exist on the internet. I couldn't get help from any of the forums, you may only the one I have some faith in.

What would you suggest for me(pyschological)? Hopelessness, angriness and agresiveness kills me inside. I feel like being that much agressive could be another sign of high serotonin.

I hope I can solve my main issue. I just need some hope.



It says that "serotonin depletion can resensitize 5HT2C receptors" by RNA editing. So that's how I'm gonna reverse the fluoxetine's effects on me (2C underactivation).

Hopefully, that will fix the serotonin outflow, hyperphagia(excessive eating), autoimmunity, sleep cycle, adrenal insufficiency, etc.

I must try serotonin depletion. Do you know how?

Kudzu root is not available here.

It would be expensive but I don't think it's impossible to buy seperate amino acids and try tryptophan depletion diet. But again, that's really hard to find every one of them and that would be expensive as hell. If you have any idea, that would be very nice.


Is it possible to even see if my theory is right? What if all these true? How can somebody edit their receptors by premrna mechanisms?


If you want to help yourself restore serotonin balance, the best + fastest way you can is to start off with 16:8 fasting and within 5 - 10 days go to OMAD. Starting straight at OMAD in the morning will be best and quickest, but hardest.

Be sure to remove dairy + lectins from your diet, eating natural whole food only. All of these things will have an effect on gut health, along with proper hydration (minimum 1l water daily)

Fasting took away at least 50% of high serotonin symptoms for me it and lowered my insulin sensitivity a lot as well. It has helped nerve function within my penis aka sensitivity, it has helped somewhat libido so far, blood flow and overall quality. (I'm sure I was prediabetic at my worst point especially with father type 2, as well as serotonin issues as well in family genetically)

Cold showers are probably best utilized in the morning upon waking fasted, beginning with 5 minutes showering on the hotter side, then 5 minutes cold. At the best both can be gradually increased to 15 minutes to maximize health benefits. I think after 15 minutes there would be diminishing returns.

The best case scenario:

wake up
15 minutes hot shower
15 minutes cold shower
breakfast + supplementation + bottle of water
post-excercise second dose split (if not exercising afternoon second dose split)
fast until breakfast again next day

Supplement Stack:

(all in morning with breakfast)

400mg Vitamin A Beta Carotene (from Purebulk)
Vitamin B Complex (all of b vitamin family)
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K (from InnovixLabs)

1g Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid - some experiment with more, but it could be possible it comes with some cost to some pathological functions in the body (ying and yang) above 2.5g - 10g. People hit up to 25g and beyond, but I wouldn't recommend past 10g at all. However, up to 10g can help you a lot more then 1g in just your overall well being. Experiment with dosages starting from 1g in the morning, then dose 2.5g daily split morning - afternoon. Add in 2.5g increments until 10g.

*Gastro support options included if needed*

750mg Bromelain - gastro support option

5g - 10g Prebiotin - experiment with daily dosage/gastro support option

50mg/100mg 11 Strain Probiotic from Customprobiotics - experiement with both daily dosage/gastro support option

2.5mg - 5mg Cialis - find out which dosage works better. Prevent further long-term damage to penis from lack of regular use. Mental/Energy support, libido support, slight - mild pro-testosterone + anti-estrogen effects. Other health benefits too.

(morning + afternoon split)

2.5g + 2.5g L-Histidine maximum
- NOT HCL. Take between 5g day split into 2 dosages.

20mg BioQPP maximum - Probable mitochondria dysfunction, read SR9009.

25mg + 25mg SR9009 maximum
Utilize 100 day cycles due to maximizing limited time available with the compound (must)
Utilize 50mg due to poor bioavailability to optionally be taking less/or at the very least 20mg daily split into 2 doses in the morning and afternoon.
Can help a lot for those with high-serotonin including symptoms of the all the pathological dysfunction that goes within the serotonin-ridden body. I have even heard talk about enhanced erections (muscle mitochondrial upregulation?)

Androgen choices - choose one (Masteron best case):

25mg + 25mg - 50mg + 50mg Proviron - Good chance you need some more androgenic support. Start here if afraid of needles.

75mg/150mg Masteron Enanthate every Monday morning - a ton better then Proviron (they are the same)


Everything is in order least to greatest benefit.

Trying to target specific receptors is useless. Receptors for significant effects need to be targeted as a whole. Being too specific can send you in the wrong direction too, but its a matter of balancing out specifics and non-specifics.

Magnesium L-Threonate has been shown to have withdrawl symptoms, along with other supplements that use the L-Threonate chelation. This is why I have not chosen to supplement with this, but if you insist the best source would be NootropicsDepot.

I was browsing these forums hoping they are not dead. I see apparently you have already been seeking help.


I would recommend starting fresh if you choose to experiment with the supplementation stack I provided, along with any supplements that you take you are sure helps you 100%, but even then might not be necessary, because:

If you run everything provided I don't see at that point how you can't feel at least 50% - 75% better. The proof is in the pudding. Everything I listed (except SR9009 with instructions) can be taken long term with no damage or any blood markers changing favorably bad.

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