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Hey - almost a year update

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1Hey - almost a year update Empty Hey - almost a year update on Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:25 am


20 year old male. Iran (middle east) genetics. Chronic cannabis abuse from the age of 15. No previous SSRI or other drug use.


Carbohydrate limitation and fasting helped with a lot of my old symptoms a lot. Some other symptoms were fixed by removing high dose of GABA-agent Valerian Root and losing fat from a bad bulk. GABA was elevated with Adrenaline in a low state (still is low/just enough to be relatively more asymptomatic)

If I had to label my personality, I would point to symptoms of schizoid/schizotypal personality disorder or a schizophrenic personality-type in general. Socially active, but difficulty when it comes to carrying conversations with females (no other social anxiety; no problem approaching women for the purpose for the purpose of their phone number)

cheek biting
loss of natural extroversion/color in life
no natural motivation just forced discipline
inner laziness/desire for passivity and escapism (youtube/netflix)
no libido/morningwood - occasional/rare spontaneous weak short-lived erections

(some mental traits may help)
realist/dreamer/big goals
intellectual - logic dominant, patient in life
above average musical ability


Proviron up to 100mg/day: Slightest bit of drying and mental effect, but will try again using pharmaceutical grade and at a leaner weight.

(future) Homemade DHT gel: Will be using a total of either 150mg or 300mg daily when I get my hands on DHT Heptanoate.

(future) Mitochondria/Thyroid support: Self explanatory - COQ10, PQQ, Carnitine Tartrate, etc to have synergies with my normal supplementation.

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2Hey - almost a year update Empty Re: Hey - almost a year update on Sun Feb 02, 2020 4:27 pm


I need help interpreting a study. Does Cialis have any effect if any on cholesterol, improve or worsen? Was just curious for future reference.

For now I will take 350mg - 500mg Caffeine daily to help with Glutamate/Thyroid/Mitochondria dysfunction (not so coincidentally studies show THC downregulates glutamate long-term), and also the low blood pressure/adrenaline lowered by it too.

3Hey - almost a year update Empty Re: Hey - almost a year update on Wed Feb 19, 2020 12:35 am


Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
Area-1255 Intelligence Oversight
Cannabis has a lot of active substances and much more targets than cb receptors, but cb1 is dangerous, I think and connecting it with lipids we can predict higher blood pressure and worsened baroreflex, not sure why you think it lowers it. See
Anandamide is harmful for sperm via TRPV1 for example.

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