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Another Angle At PSSD.

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1 Another Angle At PSSD. on Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:47 am


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Originally posted HERE on!
bintuae wrote:

For me, loss of libido or sex drive wasn't a side effect. I took Paxil for 5-6 years it only made me last longer, delayed orgasm. However, since coming off of it which was like couple years ago, I'm suffering from zero libido (thus barely any interest in the opposite sex). i simply became asexual. You saying your SO has this now for 8 years for only taking an ad for 5 days scares the ****out of me. How am I gonna marry someone being like that?!

P.S I'm happy to see a pdoc like you at least acknowledge the problem willing to understand and even joined this forum.

Isn't that the ultimate irony, the drug SHOULD be affecting us more as it is in our system, the offending chemical instead "offends" after it is out.
It makes me wonder if there is some immunological or bodily stress response that happens to transition us in that state!

Because THINK about it. Its true that Yes our Receptors are "desensitized" and SERT is downregulated, maybe hormones are downregulated, but for anybody here who experiences the FULL effect and PSSD ONLY AFTER indicates something else is going on - because at the point BEFORE going off the medication our receptors would ALREADY BE IN THAT STATE. Those effects would have already occurred. In that, I think we missed the obvious, that some transcriptional effect happens afterward PROBABLY as a result of compensation for a rapid change in brain chemicals. theory is that perhaps the SIGMA-RECEPTORS to in which Pregnenolone binds to and activates, as well as Progesterone.
That might be where the problem is. They control Calcium and Potassium channels; which affect vascular systems and endocrine homeostasis.
So perhaps calcium-related genes get SEVERELY Up or Downregulated - causing low levels of glutamate and thus, lowering hypothalamic activity at the CENTRAL LEVEL.

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